About me

I am a PhD Candidate in Economics (hired as a Pre-doc PhD Researcher and working as a Pre-doc Lecturer) at Universitat de Barcelona (UB). I am affiliated to the Institut d'Economia de Barcelona (IEB). I am currently on a 3-month visiting research stay at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and at the University College London (UCL).

I obtained my MSc in Economics from Universität Mannheim (UniMA) in 2019 and my Bachelor's degree in Economics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) in 2016.

How do households and firms respond to government policies (taxes, regulations and public-spending policies)? I address this research question both from empirical and theoretical perspective. Hence, I work with micro-data & causal inference methods, but also with large-scale general equilibrium macro models.

My Interests

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    Research fields

    • Public Economics
    • Public Finance
    • Taxation
    • Inequality
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    Technical interests

    • Micro-Simulation Tools
    • Micro-Data
    • Computational Economics
    • QuantEcon

Who I work with

  • Dirk Foremny

    Dirk Foremny

    PhD Thesis Supervisor & Co-Auhtor

    Dirk is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Barcelona. He is also affiliated with the Institut d'Economia de Barcelona (IEB) and the CESIfo in Munich. His research is focused on empirical public finance. Recently he has been working on taxation, mobility, fiscal capacity, preferences for redistribution, and related questions.
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  • Miguel Almunia

    Miguel Almunia

    PhD Thesis Supervisor & Co-Auhtor

    Miguel is an Associate Professor of Economics at CUNEF Universidad. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick. He is a Research Affiliate/Fellow at CAGE, CEPR, IFS, IGC and Oxford CBT. He is an applied microeconomist and his main field of research is empirical public finance. The broad question guiding his research agenda is how economic agents (households and firms) respond to government policies, namely taxes and regulations.
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  • Anne Brockmeyer

    Anne Brockmeyer

    PhD Visiting Abroad Hosting Supervisor

    Anne is a Senior Economist and the Global Lead for Tax Data Analytics at the World Bank. She previously served as Research Director for the Centre for Tax Analysis in Developing Countries at the Institute for Fiscal Studies. She is also an Honorary Associate Professor at University College London (UCL) and a CEPR Affiliate. Her research lies at the intersection of public economics and development economics, with a focus on tax system design.
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  • David López-Rodríguez

    David López-Rodríguez


    David works as a Senior Economist at the Structural Analysis Division of the Bank of Spain. His research interestes are in public finance, urban economics, microeconomics and political economy. He holds a PhD in Economics by Columbia University. In 2022, he was part of the Commission of Experts appointed by the Government of Spain to suggest policy recommendations on a future tax reform.
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Where I worked


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Work in Progress

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    Dual Income Taxation and Corporations: Income Shifting and Implications for Progressivity

    Darío Serrano-Puente and Dirk Foremny

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    Heterogeneous Responses to Income Taxation: Behind The Elasticity of Taxable Income

    Miguel Almunia, David López-Rodríguez and Darío Serrano-Puente

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Peer-reviewed/Scientific Publications

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Conferences, Seminars & Workshops

  1. MADPub2023 Madrid Public Economics Workshop CUNEF, location icon Madrid, in-person icon in-person.

    Sep 23

    As speaker. 

  2. Workshop on The Economics of Taxation 2023 (jointly organized by IEB and EU Tax Observatory), location icon Barcelona, in-person icon in-person.

    May 23

    As sessions' host (organization duties).

  3. Public Finance Workshop CUNEF, location icon Madrid, in-person icon in-person.

    Jul 22

    As speaker. 

    As discussant. 

  4. Symposium of the Spanish Economic Association 2021 (#SAEe2021), location icon Barcelona, in-person icon in-person.

    Dec 21

    As sessions' host (organization duties).

  5. European Winter Meetings of The Econometric Society 2021 (#EWMES21), location icon Barcelona, virtual icon virtual.

    Dec 21

    As sessions' host (organization duties).

  6. Banco de España Seminar Series, location icon Madrid, virtual icon virtual.

    Jan 21

    As speaker. 

  7. Banco de España Seminar Series, location icon Madrid, virtual icon virtual.

    Nov 20

    As speaker. 


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Policy-Oriented Publications



  1. PhD in Economics, Universitat de Barcelona (UB), location icon Barcelona

    Sep 21 — May 25 (expected)

    ubse icon Universitat de Barcelona School of Economics and ieb icon Institut d'Economia de Barcelona (IEB)

    thesis icon PhD Thesis: "Essays on Public Finance"

    advisor icon Advisors: Dirk Foremny (UB, IEB) and Miguel Almunia (CUNEF)

    report icon Status: Research Plan (1st-year) & Progress Report (2nd-year) positively approved.

    advisor icon Visiting abroad: (Sep 23 — Dec 23) Research stay at Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and University College London (UCL) under the hosting supervision of Anne Brockmeyer

  2. Master of Science in Economics, Universität Mannheim (UniMA), location icon Mannheim

    Sep 17 — Jan 20

    unima icon Department of Economics

    trophy icon Recognition in: Master's Thesis

    thesis icon MSc Thesis: "Optimal Progressivity of Personal Income Tax : A General Equilibrium Evaluation for Spain"

    advisor icon Advisor: Krzysztof Pytka (UniMA)

  3. Bachelor in Economics, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), location icon Madrid

    Sep 12 — Jul 16

    uam icon Faculty of Economics

    certificate icon Excellence track: Cooperación Educativa (Dual education program with full-time work)

    abroad icon Stay abroad: Erasmus + student at Universität Mannheim (UniMA) (Jan 16 — Jul 16)

    thesis icon BA Thesis: "Sociopolitical Environment and Current Economic Situation: Determinants of Ideology in Europe"

    advisor icon Advisor: Rocío Sánchez Mangas (UAM)

Academic/Research Employment

  1. Pre-Doctoral PhD Researcher, Universitat de Barcelona (UB), location icon Barcelona

    May 22 — Present

    ubse icon Department of Economics

    description icon Description: Research for my doctoral thesis, teaching, visiting research stays abroad.

    contract icon Full-time. This is a 3-year contract that emerges from a PhD fellowship grant, which is funded by the Generalitat de Catalunya, through its Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR). This scholarship is formalized through a 3-year temporary contract that provides me with funding for my doctoral studies and for research stays / visiting at universities abroad. This contract also allows me to hold (with full-proffessor tasks) different lectures, courses and subjects (teaching duties) for BA or MSc Economics degrees.

  2. Visiting PhD Researcher, Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), location icon London

    Sep 23 — Dec 23

    ifs icon Taxation Units

    description icon Description: Visiting research stay abroad to boost my doctoral thesis and collaborate in policy work.

    contract icon Full-time. 3-month research stay at the Department of Economics of the University College London (UCL) with effective workplace at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) (an independent institution closely connected to UCL-Econ) under the supervision of Anne Brockmeyer.

  3. PhD Researcher - Trainee, AIReF (Autoridad Independiente de Responsabilidad Fiscal), location icon Madrid

    Sep 21 — Apr 22

    airef icon Public Policy Evaluation Division

    description icon Description: Quantitative modeling and research work on minimum income systems, public pension design, fiscal policy issues, and efficiency of public spending.

    contract icon Full-time. Collaboration agreement between Universitat de Barcelona - UB School of Economics and AIReF which allows selected PhD student to complete one year of the PhD program working as a Researcher (through a research grant) at AIReF.

  4. Research Economist (Predoc), CUNEF (Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros), location icon Madrid

    Mar 21 — Aug 21

    cunef icon Department of Economics

    description icon Description: Quantitative modeling and research work on fiscal policy issues, especially taxation at the top and firm's tax compliance effects.

    contract icon Full-time.

  5. Research Economist - Assistant, Banco de España (BdE), location icon Madrid

    Sep 19 — Mar 21

    bde icon Structural Analysis Division - DG Economics, Statistics and Research

    description icon Description: Quantitative modeling and research work on fiscal policy issues, taxation and redistribution, income and wealth inequality, energy efficiency and climate change, firm dynamics, market power, policy evaluation through micro-simulation tools, minimum wage, negative income tax, universal basic income.

    contract icon Full-time.

  6. Research Associate, NERA Economic Consulting, location icon Madrid

    Jan 19 — Jul 19

    nera icon Energy Division

    description icon Description: Energy market research, competitor analysis, economic research support for litigation cases and arbitrations related to price reviews in long-term gas supply contracts, due diligence evaluations in support of acquisitions of regulated network assets, gas market design.

    contract icon Part-time (50%).

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Grants, Honors & Awards

  1. Funding for project “Taxation and redistribution between globalization and decentralization”.

    Dec 22 | €12,000 (for a team of 4 researchers)

    Principal researcher: Dirk Foremny

    [Funded by Ministerio de Ciencia through the “Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica, Técnica y de Innovación 2021-2023”]

  2. 3-year PhD Fellowship Grant @ UB. [Funded by AGAUR (Generalitat de Catalunya) through UB]

    May 22 - Apr 25 | €53,000 (for labor contract)
  3. Attendance Scholarship @ XXVI Encuentro de Economía S'Ágaro, location icon S'Ágaro (Spain). [Funded by FIOP]

    Oct 21 | €600 (accommodation and registration fees)
  4. 1st-year PhD Trainee (12-month) Grant @ AIReF. [Funded by AIReF through UB]

    Sep 21 - Aug 22 | €18,000 (for labor contract)
  5. 1st-year PhD TA (10-month) Grant @ UB School of Economics. [Non-formalized acceptance]

    Oct 21 - Jul 22 | €8,000 (for labor contract)
  6. High Honors Recognition in Master's Thesis @ Universität Mannheim.

    Jan 20
  7. Erasmus + Grant for stay @ Universität Mannheim as visiting BA student.

    Jan 16 - Jul 16 | €1,800
  8. BA in Economics through the Cooperación Educativa Excellence Track. [Dual education programm].

    Sep 14 - Jul 16
  9. High Honors Tuition Waiver (45 ECTS) @ Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

    Sep 13 - Jul 16 | 1,200€ (45 ECTS exempted from enrollment fees)
  10. Spanish Delegate @ European Parliament Youth Congress, location icon Strasbourg (France).

    May 16 | €300 (travelling)
  11. Spanish Delegate @ CYFI - Europe and Central Asia Meeting, location icon Skopje (North Macedonia).

    Oct 14 | €600 (travelling and accommodation)

Other Professional Experience

  1. Sales Agent - Wholesale & Retail, Huercasa, location icon Sanchonuño (Segovia)

    Jun 17 — Aug 17

    huercasa icon Commercial Department

    description icon Description: Commercial relations of international stature, distribution logistics, follow-up of sales, marketing strategies and modeling.

    contract icon Full-time.

  2. Business Processor - Order Processing and Finance, John Deere, location icon Mannheim

    Feb 17 — Apr 17

    johndeere icon Financial Department

    description icon Description: Dealer's portfolio management, settlement, and order fulfillment activities, e-billing, accounting and bookkeeping, SAP, customer financing, high risk management.

    contract icon Full-time.

  3. Consultant in Financial and Commodities Risk Consulting, Management Solutions, location icon Madrid

    Jan 15 — Dec 15

    ms icon Financial Risks Area

    description icon Description: Risk normative for banking, quantitative risk modeling, regulatory reporting (EBA, ECB, European Commission, FSB), capital requirements, risk management (credit, operational, methodology, and liquidity risk).

    contract icon Full-time. Collaboration agreement under the Cooperación Educativa Excellence Track.